marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Romney vs Obama (III): Last call on national security

Through lots of grand statements and big words the candidates sounds like math teachers, as BBC remarks.

Romney offers simple solutions with a well dosed smile always on his face. Still, not trying to atack Obama, but 'sounding' more presidential. Active, he gives a tons of declarations/positions from other leaders (like he works in the media!), all numbers and images, in just one minute.

Obsessed about economy and army - Obama’s weakest points, R. enumerates things very often ( '5 Easy steps, 1,2,3,4,5..., 'I’m gonna put America back to work'). Also, he uses powerful words and adds unmerciful labels & diagnostics.
Syria: Very clear about that: 'We have to be the leader not the military force. [...] I would give arms to Syrian rebels.' 
Role of US in the world: How often Romney's shifting from foreign policy to the economy?
Terror: 'Can’t kill our way out.'
Egypt: Romney says he supported President Obama's decision to call for the former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak to step aside.

So for MR is that simple: images + enumerations. "I love teachers," he says. The moderator adds: "We all love teachers".

For Obama isn't that simple. He looks quite stressed & serious, staring intently at Romney as the former governor answers. Generally O. enlarges the discussion and adds more factors to every single problem questioned.
Syria: O. finally points out that both their Syria plans are identical.
Role of US in the world: 'Let me remind you... We did things.' [...] 'He (reffering to the republican) talks about little business, but in Massachusetts things are getting worst.'
Foreign policy:  'This foreign policy has been "all over the map".
Israel – Iran:
Obama tells Romney that while it's true the US military has less heavy equipment today, it also has fewer horses and bayonets.

Obama to Romney: There were times when it sounded like you would do the same things as us, but you would say it louder.

There's just 15 days to go until the election and Florida is considered a very important state, with  29 electoral college votes. Till there, I'm already obsessed with cliques like 'balanced budget', 'commander-in-chief', and so on.