vineri, 25 ianuarie 2013

'Seven Psychopats': L.A at its best

Just saw 'Seven Psychopats'. Nice as follows.

Is against all gangsters cliches.
'Paulo: Put your hands up!
Hans: No.
Paulo: What?
Hans: I said no.
Paulo: Why not?
Hans: Because I don't want to.
Paulo: But I've got a gun...
Hans: I don't care.
Paulo: It doesn't make any sense!
Hans: Too bad!
Zachariah: I'm going to be over to kill you Tuesday.
Marty: [Nods] . That's good, I'm not doing anything Tuesday.'

Good underground actors. Michael Pitt , Michael Stuhlbarg (both from the TV series Boardwalk Empires), Sam Rockwell (know from some classics, but also 'Frost/Nixon' and 'Choke', being the same psychopath also back there. Not to mention Christopher Walken or let's say Colin Farrell.

Also, not to forget the natural born killer Woody Harrelson, although he did also political movies, plus No Country for Old Men and so on. + Tom Waits.

Credibility. Farrell is well known also in real life to have an alcohol addiction and to be living in Los Angeles. L.A is also depicted as real as it gets, except with the kidnapping dogs scam. When talking about L.A you get also those Californian cars. There's this screenwriting-video making-actor-building industry in L.A that is perfectly underlined in the movie.

Trivia. Farrell wakes up 5 times completely drunk in this movie. Is also funny how the gangsters are made humans by sticking them with some bunnies, flowers and cute dogs, crying and having problems handling condoms. You don't get that a lot in the gangester movies.

Music that gets you and good video cuts. So that seems very low cost and realistic / local for LA.

Screenwriting hints.'Is laywered', 'you cannot explode a head like that', some of the psychopaths really prove a screenwriter insight.

sâmbătă, 12 ianuarie 2013

Excentric presidential race for Czechs, in their first direct election

Voters in the Czech Republic are choosing directly, for the first time, their next head-of-state, a successor for the President Vaclav Klaus.

The candidates? Nine personages from whom to choose - two former prime ministers (frontrunners according to opinion polls), the noble austrian Foreign Minister, then a drama professor and composer (covered all over his body in blue tattoos), an ex-communist, and 3 women (an ex-actrice, a MEP, and the head of Eurosceptic Movement).
Jan Fischer and Milos Zeman (billboard photo), the two ex-prime ministers had had hard times on getting over their past background - the former was member of the Communist Party, while the later's activity in the cabinet was quite controversial.
Milos Zeman (photo above), the leftiest prime minister during 1998-2002 is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking politician, known for his witty put-downs of his political opponents, remarks BBC. But locals seems to complain about the fact Zeman, and other names like Democrat civil, Premysl Sobotka, are in the politics for more than 20 years. Zeman was for two years even member of ex communist party (KSC) .
Vladimir Franz (photo above), also called 'The Avatar' communicates mostly on social networks. You're not supposed to know that much about his political platform when he has all his body, covered with blue tattoos, he is an art theacher, a painter, and a composer. All these, of course, for the delight of international press, mostly American journals.
Karel Schwarzenberg (foto above) designed his position as a favourite one among the young urban voters, telling by his bohemian personage - quite atypique for our days' politics, not that much of a stiff diplomate, even if he dealt with politics on the Foreign Minister position, but more of a historian- intelectual looking. Like a truly man from the Interbelics, a figure like that would have been validated 80 years ago without second-guesses.
One student told me about Schwarzenberg that 'he speaks very nice', when I asked why she's endorsing Karel with the funky yellow-pinky badge (photo down). Should the urban endorsing be enough? On the other side, youngsters were complaining that he's too old (75 years of age). Leaving this aside his name is closely linked to the country's first president, the late Vaclav Havel, and that of course is bringing him a nice image capital, for the second round.

In Romania (or other less open-minded country) all these personages would have been seriously scrutinized and analyzed in a very pejorative-caricaturistic way, both by tabloids and quality press, so from this point of view it seems fair enough how their platforms are received here.

Schwarzenberg represents also a political party TOP 09 (right) among candidates, together with the VP of social-democrats (CSSD) Jiri Dientsbier, and VP of another right movement OSD, Premysl Sobotka.
The election will go to a second round two weeks later as no candidate won 50% of the vote, Zeman scoring first (24,21%), followed by Schwarzenberg (23,40%). Polling stations opened on the 11th of January and they have been closed until this hour as everyone expects to see the first president chosen by direct vote, and not the Parliament as it was before. The change in the election system happened after the controversy over Klaus's re-election, and was officialised as a election method since 2012.

The president of Czech Republic has the right to name and dismiss the prime minister and other members of the cabinet, to promulgate laws voted by the Parliament or to cast his veto vote. Can also name members of Central Bank, jugdges and army generals.

The presence at the election polls is was said to have been around 70 percent for Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12 of January, according to Czech press. Whoever wins 2 weeks from now on, the Czech Republic will have a better cooperation with EU, after the end of Vaclav Klaus, the irascible president, who once likened the European Union to the Soviet Union.

# Cum comunică candidaţii prezidenţiali din Cehia - fostul ministrul de Externe Karel Schwarzenberg, (membru al unei monarhii) are insigne în care apare purtând o creastă roz, iar candidatul artist Vladimir Franz este tatuat pe tot corpul.