miercuri, 7 noiembrie 2012

America, You Only Vote Once: Mad Men Obama-Romney

Status quo. Due to presidential elections all over America voting lines are longer than the gas lines created by Sandy.

So Obama's team is keep posting Facebook updates, Twitter updates, Reuters photos updating crazily on news agencies. Romney visited 2 states in the last hours of the race and he still asks for dollars on FB from his suporters. There's red and blue everywhere, the online is bleeding with hashtags like '#vote', '#2012 elections', '#ivoted', #patchelections ', and so on. We're getting politically mad.

# Emotions: Obama's winning on gender issues, that's clear. 

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the message relates to LGBT communities, and also his support to women (pro-choice option) is a very  'outrageous' position pro- women if we think that one hundred years ago, they were not even allowed to vote. Romney gains voters on the economic issue, but his position on abortion flipped so many times in the last years and since 2002 he was declaring himself pro-life.

“We can't move backwards. We've got to go forward.[...] The women in your life need to see this. We can’t afford a president with Romnesia. Being married to Michelle, and having these tall, beautiful, strong-willed girls in my house, never allows me to underestimate women. [...] Our daughters should have the same opportunities as our sons', some of the declarations of the President.

Other flashbacks are presenting Obama with Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen just on the finish line, Obama wearing a pink anti-breast cancer bracelet, or the actual president hugging up a victim of Sandy, or just having a speech in the rain. He had all the possible emotional images of this campaign, like in 2008, and in the end he magistrally finished literally in tears, just like another 'Putin'.

Obama has had also the jokes (the most twitted one during the last debate - 'we also have fewer horses and bayonets' refering to the capacity of the army. Plus, most of the newspapers are crediting the democrat with the most chances of winning, even if the difference is at a high stakes. What keeps him stiil in tension, though?

# Patriotic speaker, more a con-man?

On the other hand Romney is quite criticised by the media for accusing 47 percent of Americans for paying no taxes and seing themselves as victims. Also, he asked some british hosts publicly whether they were prepared for the London Olympics or not. What else?

Romney would get imediately rid of ObamaCare, (the healthcare plan that cover the uninsured) telling by his declaration, but apart of the patriotic platitudes he served since being a senator for Masachussetts and more recently in the primaries, he said nothing more. Maybe just the fact that he quite adopted the ubicous 'change' promise, re-launched even by his conter-candidate in 2008, saying that he is really gonna make a change. Yeah!

'We just can’t afford four more years of President Obama’s, says Romney continually, invoking mostly economical reasons. Also, he constantly ensures the Americans that he knows business.

On the other hand Obama tried to make his opponent unacceptable, a fact that made him lost some procents in the beginning of the race, and of course the first lost debate for the Democrat, when he admitted he had a 'nap'. Still, the democrat awaits the result of the elections playing basketball, while Romney goes even few hours before the election polls are opened to other 2 states (of which Ohio is decisive) and ends his campaign with a party in his adopting state - New Hampshire. Even a few hours before the elections are opened Romney's staff still asks for donations on the candidate FB page.

# $2.6 billion money spent in the campaign from both parties
# 30 million people who voted early this year, since 25 Oct.

Meanwhile, the American electors are disapointed they cannot vote on Iphone, or they're afraid that the touchscreen machines in the elections polls are stealing votes for the counter-candidate. And, just to be clear, Sandy erased the phrase “climate change” from the candidates vocabulaires and 2 days from the campaign, but on the finish Obama and Romney we're running like mad men on the streets for getting ultimate voters.

Red or blue. Experience or change. Obama or Romney. Or none.
UPDATE! Voters who cared about the economy picked Romney by only one point over Obama, 49 percent to 48 percent. Still, 'Obama simply neutralized his opponent; there's nothing in that number that suggests a mandate', as the American press beautifully remarks.